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Technical Note TN2274

To successfully design a class compliant USB audio device that works seamlessly with the Mac, it is important to understand the features of the Mac’s USB audio class driver, AppleUSBAudio. This document explains the driver’s architecture, features, and algorithms available in Mac OS X v10.6…

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Premiere Pro version 13.1.x or earlier. Starting with Premiere Pro 14.0, CUDA is no longer supported. If you have an Apple supplied NVIDIA GPU, you can use the Metal Renderer. For more information, see Changes to GPU and DV/HDV support in Premiere Pro on macOS. GPU: Current NVIDIA…

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Instant Client 12.2 supports macOS High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan. Download the desired Instant Client ZIP files. All installations require the Basic or Basic Light package. MacOs high sierra is the latest version of Apple’s system for Mac. And in worldwide developer’s conference, Apple introduced high sierra…


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